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Welcome To Olympic Mailing

Located on the North Olympic Peninsula of Washington State, Olympic Mailing offers the most comprehensive service in the region. Whether your mailing is large or small, every job gets our detailed personal attention.

About Olympic Mailing
Keeping up with Postal rules saves you MONEY with every mailing. Here at Olympic Mailing, we are constantly updated on the latest USPS rules affecting First and Standard class mailing.

Our presort software is updated by the vendors every other month as is our tray and bag tag printer software. This insures you the best presort, which means the lowest postage and the fastest routing of your mail to it's destination.

Mission Statement
"Quality Customer Service" - our mission statement is that simple. We know there are hundreds, if not thousands of mail shops that you can do business with. All of them will get your job done with some degree of competence. All have the same general equipment and can comply with postal rule.

We know that what we have to sell is SERVICE. Because we are a small shop, we are able to give you and your project our personal attention. You are not just a job number here. From the initial questions to the finished project and final mailing we provide quality service well beyond just getting the job done.

If you want to be a number, we're not for you. But if you want individual service, questions answered, problems solved, we are the ones. We want your business, please!

We Can Save You a Lot of Money
Direct Mail Marketing can save you a lot of money, up to a 50% savings over regular postage. Olympic Mailing Services utilizes leading edge technology. Quick turn-around not only possible, but affordable.

When working with Olympic Mailing, you will recognize postage savings for both standard and first class mail. From list maintenance and comprehensive mailing services to fulfillment management, OMS has the expertise to ensure the success of your direct mailing campaign.

Our specialized computer systems presort your mail for the lowest possible postage costs. Every aspect of your mailing is carefully controlled to save you money. Right down to the computer printed, bar coded bag or tray labels that speed your mail to its destination.

How Mass Mail Works
The material on this website is a general over view of savings available from the USPS to mailers of 200+ and 500+ peices of mail. In general the rule of thumb is: the more work you/we do for the Post Office, the lower the postage rates charged.

Mass mailing is divided into two major categories Presort First Class and Standard Mail* More information on both is found by clicking the appropriate button to the left. Also on the left are buttons that will bring you to other important topics; address quality and mail prep. Both are important to the success of your mailing.
*The term bulk mail has been discontinued by the USPS in favor of Standard Mail.

DO YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW ALL THIS STUFF? No not at all. All you really need to know is us. Send us an email or give us a call and we'll get the process started.