Olympic Mailing Services
We Can Help Keep Postage Costs From Eating Your Budget!

1. Presort First Class.

Presort First Class is a division of "stick a stamp" First Class. In this case the mail is zip sorted and bagged or trayed to travel directly to the destination Post Office.

Further savings can be acomplished by automating the mailing, adding barcode & other 6 zip numbers. This is the same method use buy banks and those find folks that send bills to us all. Travel time is about the same as first class. There is not a nonprofit division here. Possible savings here are not as large as Standard Mail, savings is found in volume. However, if speed and some savings are important this may be the answer.

Presort First Class: Requirements

Basicly Presorted First Class requires a minimum of 500 pieces.
The cost advances by the ounce, minimum of 1oz to a maximum of 11oz.
Maximum size is 11.5" in length and 6" in height with a thickness not over 1/4".

Post Cards are becoming very popular.

Find a savings in Presort First Class not found in Standard mail. Automating the address will produce more savings.
Minimum size card is 3.5" by 5"
Maximum postcard dimension is 4 1/4" by 6".

2. Presort Standard.

Standard Mail is the most economical means of mailing newsletters, advertising material and such. (letters, bills and the like can not be mailed this way)

There are two divisions with this area. Standard presort is the common manner of advertising mail, easy to do, with a good savings. For more savings, automated presort will keep more money in your pocket, move your mail faster than standard, but is much harder to accomplish.

Automating your mail basically is assuring that every address is deliverable, adding the additional 6 zip numbers and a 11 digit barcode. This is work for a computer and specialized software.

Both these catagories divide to profit and nonprofit. The Post Office is the sole determiner of nonprofit for mailing, no matter what your bottom line or the IRS says. Application must be made with the Post Master who will then send it on for consideration. If you can qualify as non profit you will receive a major savings. Contact us for more information.

Presort Standard: Requirements

Both types, standard presort mail and automated presort give you much more tolerance as far as weight and size are concerned.
Weight can be as high as 3.3oz without incurring an additional charge.
Weight will go as high as 15.99oz with additional weight charges.

Size for mailings of this type are divided into two segments, letter and flat.

The letter size can actually be as large as 6" x 11.5" and a 1/4" thick, with minimum size 3.5" x 5" and .007 thick (post card).
Flat size range from 12" x 15" and 3/4" thick at the largest to a minimum size of 6 1/4" x 11.5" and 1/4" thick. Contact us for more information.

What if it weighs more than 16oz?

Bound Printed Material is the answer. This is the catagory in which phone books and catalogs are mailed in mass. It is actually a subdivision of Parcel Post.

Weight ranges from 1 to 15 pounds. Prices are set by a combination of piece and pound as determined by zip code. Discounts come from presorting and barcode. Contact us for more information.