Olympic Mailing Services

Top 10 Reasons to Choose O.M.S.

  1. You get more bang for your buck. Studies show that, on average, every dollar spent on Direct Mail advertising brings in $10 in sales!- a return of more than twice that generated by a direct television ad.

  2. You reach prospects that actually WANT to hear from you. More than half of all American households say they would actually like to receive more Direct Mail or that they would enjoy receiving some.

  3. Consumers are receptive. Americans spent more than $244 billion in response to Direct Mail in 1996.

  4. Businesses are also receptive. Over $145 billion in Business-to-Business sales was attributed to Direct Mail in 1997.

  5. It's a powerful revenue-building tool. By using Direct Mail to reach out to consumers, businesses can expect sales to increase more than 7% between now and 2002.

  6. There doesn't seem to be an end to its potential. In fact, Direct Mail sales reached $421.3 billion in 1997. And over the next five years, sales driven by Direct Mail are projected to increase by $8.3 billion per year.

  7. Believe it or not, over 50% of recipients of Direct Mail read it immediately and of those, over 40% found the information they received useful.

  8. Direct Mail continues its astounding growth as a profitable advertising medium. In 1995, American businesses spent over $32.9 billion on Direct Mail advertising, an expenditure expected to reach $46.9 billion by 2001 (a sustained annual growth rate of 6%).

  9. Direct Mail works. Perhaps that's why, in 1996, 56.7% of the adult U.S. population placed an order by mail for a product or service.

  10. Direct Mail, working in conjunction with your existing advertising, can make a powerful difference. In fact, a print advertisement with a bind-in Direct Mail reply card will output the same ad without a bind-in by up to 600%.